Funny Pics

Funny Pics 3.4

Bumper collection of 'hilarious' images


  • The occasional amusing picture


  • Images are largely unfunny
  • Poorly-realized interface

Not bad

You know those email attachments containing hilarious images of stuff like kittens pulling funny faces, rude-sounding shop signs, or badly-translated restaurant menus? Well, how about having a giant database of them on your iPhone?

Funny Pics is a collection of weird and wacky images designed to get you rolling on the floor laughing. The regularly-updated bank of user-submitted images is seemingly endless. There are four images displayed on each page, and you can flick through the pages using the left and right arrows at the foot of the screen. Images are divided into three categories: Popular, Recent, and Random.

Personally, I found the user interface in Funny Pics a little clunky. You have to tap on an image to open it rather than just zooming into it, and it's annoying that you have to use those arrow buttons and you can't just flick through with a swipe of your finger.

The worst thing about the app though is its content. Quite simply, the vast majority of the funny pics aren't very funny at all. There are some that are slightly amusing, but it takes a lot of scrolling through in order to find them.

Ultimately, Funny Pics is like an iPhone version of all those stupid, irritating and useless attachments that plague your inbox.

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Funny Pics


Funny Pics 3.4

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